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The Board 2021-2022

Meet the Board


Fleur is the President of United Netherlands. In her role, she is responsible for representing the organization, giving direction to the team, and keeping an overview of progress. Fleur joined the 18th Delegation. Now that she is on the Board 2021/2022, Fleur lives in Nijmegen and is a third-year International Studies student at Leiden University. Next to perfecting her French, Fleur likes to read books and to hang out with friends.


As Commercial Manager, Matthijs is responsible for the growth of United Netherlands. He manages the relationships of United Netherlands and identifies opportunities for new contracts and partnerships. Matthijs is a master’s student in International Political Economy at Radboud University. He joined the 17th Delegation of United Netherlands and, as it was such a valuable experience, is eager to help this organization grow. As Vice-President, he supports the President and assists in the event of her absence.


Gwendolyn is UNL’s Academic Manager for 2021-2022. She is currently finishing a Master’s in International and European Law. During her Master’s, she took part in the 17th Delegation. As Academic Manager, Gwendolyn is responsible for ensuring high-quality content in the UNMD and working out many of the trainings of UNL. Gwendolyn enjoyed her time in the Delegation immensely and is excited to share her love of MUNs and international diplomacy with the next generation of Delegates.


Anna is the Relations Manager and UNMD Executive of United Netherlands. During her board year, she will be focusing on maintaining and improving UNL’s internal and external relations, as well as the organization’s online presence and promotion. Additionally, as UNMD Executive she will ensure a well-executed program in cooperation with her fellow board members. She is currently enrolled as a bachelor’s student in Social Psychology at Utrecht University and has a passion for cooking. She joined the 18th Delegation together with Fleur and Lieke.


As part of the 2021/2022 Board, Roos will take on the role of Event Manager. As such, she will ensure that all events, trips, and conferences of United Netherlands run smoothly. In addition, she will be the HSP Executive, ensuring a well-planned and successful HSP program. Roos will start her Master’s in Conflicts, Territories, and Identities at Radboud University next year. She feels very passionate about teaching and researching national and international conflicts.


As this year’s Financial Manager, Lieke will be concerning herself with all matters relating to the financial health of United Netherlands. In addition, she will be the PSP Executive, ensuring a well-planned and successful PSP program. Lieke was a Delegate in the 18th Delegation with Fleur and Anna. She is a bachelor’s student in International Relations and Organisations at Leiden University and loves to play field hockey.


As our Program Manager, Martijn is responsible for coordinating the different UNL programs and for managing their executives. He was a Delegate of the 17th Delegation, and he studies at Radboud University. Here his main focus is Political Science, which matches his passion for foreign policy. In addition, he likes to play golf.