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Train your public speaking, negotiation and leadership skills to compete at the Model United Nations Conferences of Oxford University and Harvard University

Public Speaking Program

University & Young Professionals

An internationally recognized experience to motivate students and young professionals who are interested in improving their presentation, pitch and speeching skills!

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Upper Secondary Grades


High School, University, College & Businesses

Delegation 2023/2024

"It pushed me out of my comfort zone week after a week."

“The challenging program of United Netherlands pushed me out of my comfort zone week after a week. I learned a lot about diplomacy and geopolitics, but most of all I learned a lot about myself. Even though we were the COVID-delegation and had to do some parts online, it was the greatest experience with a group full of people that I will follow for the rest of my life.” – Janneke Hillenaar

Janneke - United Netherlands
11 Delegation Awards
192 Individual Awards
250+ Active aMUNli

About United Netherlands

United Netherlands is an internationally oriented, student-led organization, that focuses on the world of international relations and diplomacy. We aim to create a platform where talented, ambitious and motivated young people challenge each other to develop their full potential as global citizens. Within this network of driven young people from diverse backgrounds, gaining skills and knowledge is key in preparation for global challenges to come. Examples of our activities and programs include the accredited 10 ECTS United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy course, and its corresponding delegation to Oxford University and Harvard University Model UN conferences, the Public Speaking Program, and the High School Program. We invite you to discover the world of United Netherlands.

Anne van Schothorst – Delegation 2021|2022

‘Adapt’ was not just the name of a draft-resolution we once made in a way-too-luxurious room in Switzerland, it also expressed the main theme of the past half year. With our eyes set on the Oxford and Harvard MUN, our feet eventually moved elsewhere, with success. The Covid-situation did not lead the delegation and Board […]

The Story of Raman van Wee – Delegation 2020|2021

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.” This quote from the American poet Emerson perfectly describes the initial reason I applied to the Delegation: to improve my public speaking skills. Looking back on my experience as part of the 18th Delegation, I can wholeheartedly say it has brought me so much more than […]

The Story of Valentina del Castano – Delegation 2019|2020

As part of the 17th Delegation, I can proudly say that there are three major outcomes that shaped me personally and professionally after taking part of the United Netherlands’ “United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy” course. First, it is the academic challenge and outcome that the course presents. There are many diverse, very interesting and up-to-date, […]

Latest Updates

Meet the Program Manager!

As Program Manager, Marta coordinates United Netherland’s three different programs and manages their executives, making sure no logistical issues harm their quality. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in Philosophy, Politics and Society at Radboud University. When she is not walking around the campus searching for a place to study, she is clearing her head by running or cooking.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
Meet the Event Manager!

Okko is the Event Manager and the High School Programme Executive this year. He is a Master’s student, doing a double degree AI and International Political Economy. During the UNMD programme, he is in charge of arranging the events and trips to both Oxford and Harvard. Furthermore, Okko ensures that the HSP runs smoothly. In his free time, he likes to swim, gym, play football and jam on his piano as long as the neighbours won’t be annoyed.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
Meet the Academic Manager!

As Academic Manager, Marije is responsible for safeguarding the quality of the curriculum of all three programs of United Netherlands. She is in charge of making sure the delegates of the 21st delegation become the best versions of themselves, make them excellent MUNers, and to empower them to reach their fullest potential. 

Marije is in the final stages of completing the bachelor program Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Aside from her passion for MUN and international relations, she likes to be creative and absolutely loves to travel.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
Meet the Financial Manager!

As Financial Manager, it is Thorben’s task to guard over United Netherlands’ finances. He is also responsible for the Public speaking program as PSP executive. Studying at Radboud University, he currently is completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In his free time, he likes to work out in the gym and pursues entrepreneurial activities.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
Meet the Relations Manager!

As Relations Manager, Danique is responsible for the communication with internal people within United Netherlands and external. In addition, she operates all the socials of United Netherlands. As UNMD Executive, she is involved with the Delegation program. She was a part of the 20th Delegation. Danique is finishing up her bachelors in Political Science and European Public Health. Next to dancing and reading, Danique loves to cook, play volleyball and learn new languages.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
Meet the External Affairs/Vice President!

In his position as Vice-President, Wisse is responsible for the well-being and personal development of the board, as well as organising both the Delegation trips to Oxford and to New York and Harvard. Beyond this, he advises the President on strategic, long-term decisions. As External Affairs Manager, Wisse organises and hosts workshops on behalf of United Netherlands, as well as organising events with external parties. 

In his free time, Wisse enjoys collecting records, playing tennis, having drinks with friends, and travelling.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
Meet the President! 

Muriel is the President of United Netherlands. In this role, she is responsible for representing the organization, giving direction to the team, and keeping an overview of progress. Muriel was a member of the 20th Delegation. 

Now that she is on the Board 2023/2024, Muriel will live in Nijmegen and will be a master’s student at Utrecht University, doing a master’s in Legal Research. Next to dancing and hiking, Muriel likes to cook, travel, learn new languages, and watch movies.

Picture by: @trusttravelling
United Netherlands is proud to present their 20th Board! We are very excited about this year and what it has in store for us 💙

President: Muriel Motaleb
External Affairs/Vice President: Wisse Versteeg
Relations Manager: Danique Looymans
Financial Manager: Thorben-Bennett Rolf
Academic Manager: Marije Posthuma
Program Manager: Marta Pisk
Event Manager: Okko Kruijssen

Picture by: @trusttravelling
The final day to apply for the 21st Delegation has arrived. Apply for an amazing experience where you will learn how to impact others with your speeches, develop creative solutions to tackle specific issues and become part of a family.

As John F. Kennedy once said: One person can make a difference, and everyone should try. 

Apply via: unitednetherlands.org (link in bio)
Final days to apply for the Delegation! 

Ready to rewrite the chapters of diplomacy? The United Netherlands delegation program is your pen, and the world stage is your canvas. Grab that pen and start your future in diplomacy and negotiation. As Lincoln once said: "The best way to predict your future is to create it".

To apply: unitednetherlands.org (link in bio)
1 week left to apply for the experience of your life! Want to join us in competitions at Oxford and Harvard? Apply via the link in bio for the 21st Delegation!


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