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Utilising the expertise our foundation has accumulated in recent years; United Netherlands began providing workshops to external parties in 2013. During the last two years, our workshops have been provided to organizations such as Boston Consulting Group, De Kleine Consultant, the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILP), the EFR Businessweek in Rotterdam and various study associations in the Netherlands. We provide workshops for high-school students, university students, and companies.

General Information

For all our workshops we are flexible when it comes to the specifics of the content, the duration or the number of participants. However, make sure to get in contact with us to discuss the details and connected costs early in advance.

The workshops mentioned below are a selection of the workshops we provide. We can create workshops for different organisations. Workshops on negotiating, diplomatic framing and more are not listed below but can be given separately or in combination with any of the stated workshops.

For an amount of 20 participants, the training will be given by two experienced trainers of our organization. For us, it is essential to create a safe learning environment for our participants to ensure the most effective individual learning outcome. For more any further questions and interest in our programs please contact us.

Workshop on the Essentials of Public Speaking

In this workshop our trainers will teach your students how to convincingly bring across their message. The use of body language, voice and structure will be discussed as well other important tips and tricks to get your participants’ content sharp and to the point. Half of the workshop will be dedicated to letting the participants practice and to get them out of their comfort zone. All our workshops are in the English language and therefore suitable for international groups of around 20 participants.

Next to this we provide the Public Speaking Workshop Extended, in which we dive deeper into the theory of speeching, rhetoric and go over more advanced ways of public speaking.

Personal Leadership and Practical Diplomacy Workshop

In this workshop we will teach life skills that are useful for everybody. This unique workshop format seeks to combine the theory of presenting yourself in a convincing manner with the basics of negotiation and lobbying. In 4 hours, we will combine essentials of public speaking (body language, use of voice & framing) together with a theory of negotiation and lobbying toolkit. The last 2 hours of the workshop are reserved for a special case in which the participants must apply all the skills they have previously obtained. Again, all our workshops are provided in the English language and are suitable for international groups. Given that this is a very demanding training we advise that groups be no bigger than 20 participants.

MUN Skills and Theory

In this workshop we explain how Model United Nations works. We explain the Rules of Procedure and essential MUN skills theory (negotiation, lobbying and public speaking in the MUN context). This workshop will be given in the English language and all the MUN materials are provided.