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The Delegation is an exclusive program where you get taught the theory and practice of multilateral diplomacy. For six months, every Friday, you will train your public speaking, negotiation and leadership skills. The Delegation stands out compared to other student programs, as it not only includes skills training and international MUN conferences, but also an academic course accredited by the Radboud University with 10 ECTS.

The Delegation – Skill Training & MUN Conferences

As a delegate in the Delegation, you receive lectures and skills training regarding diplomacy. Every Friday, the training sessions challenge you to put theory into practice immediately. In addition, you will develop skills such as your public speaking, negotiating and personal style of diplomacy. The Delegation is focused on self-development, meaning that your progress is evaluated throughout the course by feedback from your trainers as well as your fellow delegates. The combination of theory, practice, and personal goals prepares you for the Model United Nations Conferences of Oxford University and Harvard University, where you will compete against some of the best and brightest students in the world!

Academic course – Lectures & 10 ECTS

*When you participate in the Delegation, you will be automatically enrolled as a (guest) student in the academic course United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (UNMD) at Radboud University. The UNMD is an inter-university course at a BA3 level. Throughout the course, you will get academic lectures from professors from a wide range of universities and institutions on all aspects relevant to international diplomacy – such as, but not limited to, the United Nations and International Law. This course is accredited with 10 ECTS by the Radboud University and runs during the first semester of every year (September – March). As it is an accredited course, student attendance is expected as well as performing academic work such as written assignments and an exam. The UNMD application is open to (international) students from all Dutch universities, and approximately 30 students are accepted per year. We believe diversity is a large asset to The Delegation and thus encourage students with different (study) backgrounds to apply!