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United Netherlands is always interested to set up partnerships with various organizations and teams. If you and your organization are interested in:

  • Benefiting from the unique set of skills and knowledge of United Netherlands;
  • Developing your members’ life skills or skills that are useful in any field of diplomacy;
  • Setting up activities regarding international affairs and/or Model United Nations,

Then we are open to initiatives for cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact the commercial manager!

Latest news

Rickard Nätjehall – Delegation 2014|2015

Even though it was last year that I first got introduced to the United Netherlands, I remember it clear as day. As an international student, I was attending the orientation week organized by the Radboud University and got a short, yet highly interesting, presentation by two United Netherlands’ members. I found out that the organization […]

André Harris – Delegation 2015|2016

Should you apply for the United Netherlands Delegation? If you’re ambitious, have an international mindset, and are looking for a challenge, then the answer is a definite yes. I greatly enjoy my bachelor’s in international studies, but I was also looking for a challenge and a way to build my skills, and I found that […]

Martijn van Iwaarden – Delegation 2016|2017

Do you want to be challenged? Do you want your boundaries pushed? And do you want to do this in an ambitious international environment? Then you should join the Delegation of United Netherlands! My United Netherlands journey started back in high school, where I participated in the High School Program. However, when I went into […]

Teun van den Maagdenberg – Delegation 2017|2018

The people, the people, and the people. Those are the three reasons to sign up for the Delegation. And, therefore, what sums up my wonderful year in the program.Almost by accident, I stumbled upon the United Netherlands Delegation in an e-mail. I was busy at that moment and didn’t think much about it until two […]

The story of Krystal-Marie Benjamins – Delegation 2018|2019

Work hard, play harder. That is how I would summarize my semester as a member of the 16th United Netherlands Delegation. My own journey with United Netherlands started over two years ago, when I followed the Public Speaking Program and came to learn about the program. I remember thinking I did not have the skills […]

The Story of Valentina del Castano – Delegation 2019|2020

As part of the 17th Delegation, I can proudly say that there are three major outcomes that shaped me personally and professionally after taking part of the United Netherlands’ “United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy” course. First, it is the academic challenge and outcome that the course presents. There are many diverse, very interesting and up-to-date, […]

The Story of Raman van Wee – Delegation 2020|2021

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.” This quote from the American poet Emerson perfectly describes the initial reason I applied to the Delegation: to improve my public speaking skills. Looking back on my experience as part of the 18th Delegation, I can wholeheartedly say it has brought me so much more than […]

Anne van Schothorst – Delegation 2021|2022

‘Adapt’ was not just the name of a draft-resolution we once made in a way-too-luxurious room in Switzerland, it also expressed the main theme of the past half year. With our eyes set on the Oxford and Harvard MUN, our feet eventually moved elsewhere, with success. The Covid-situation did not lead the delegation and Board […]

Annelie Dalglish – Delegation 2022|2023

You do not often come across an academic program that, once completed, you wish you could experience over and over again. But the Delegation Program of United Netherlands forms a clear exception to this rule. Week after week it pushed me out of my comfort zone, broadened my perspective of the world, and provided me […]