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Practical Information

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Apart from all of the information on the contents of the program, there are also some other things to take into account.

On this page, you will read about the fees of the program, the general timeline of the program and other practical information.


The general timeline of the Delegation year looks like this.

All of the dates will be communicated to you once you get into the program, as well as more detailed information about the events listed here, such as the location and exact times.

Pricing Information

The fees for the United Netherlands Delegation are divided into two parts:

Participation fee:
This fee is your contribution to the preparatory track in the Netherlands and covers training locations, course materials, training, and lectures. Please note it is not used to cover any personal costs you should make on Friday sessions, such as travel expenses to Nijmegen or food expenses. In 2023-2024, the participation fee will consist of 250 euros.

Installment fee:
This fee covers the standard travel and accommodation package United Netherlands offers for the international conferences. This thus includes travel to and from Oxford, the hostel in Oxford, hotels in New York and Boston, the bus transfer from New York to Boston, and conference fees/social packs for both the Oxford and Harvard conferences we attend. Please note that flight tickets to and from the United States are not included. In 2023-2024, the installment fee will be 1050 euros plus or minus a margin of 10%.

The installment fee will be deducted at intervals throughout the semester.

Financial Aid

Financial aid:
Fortunately, there are good possibilities for financial aid. Foremost, most universities will give you a substantial amount.  You are responsible yourself to search for the right university body or/and any additional sources of financial support. If you start right after you have been selected to our delegation, you will have ample time to acquire funds for the trip.

Note: If you are a Radboud student you are eligible for a fund of 750 euros for the United Netherlands Delegation. This is something you can apply for once you are part of the Delegation.
NB: For students from the faculty NSM there are only 3 grants available for the Delegation 2024-2025!

To make the Delegation financially more accessible, United Netherlands’ alumni association, aMUNli, has created the Delegation Fund. This Fund will provide financial aid to a few selected delegates from less affluent backgrounds. During your application to the Delegation you can indicate that you are interested in receiving financial aid from the Delegation Fund, but the actual application to receive financial aid will only take place once you have been selected for the Delegation. Hence, applicants are expected to ensure they can finance the Delegation without financial aid, in case their application to the Delegation Fund is unsuccessful. Your financial situation will not in any way impact your chances of getting selected for the Delegation.
More information about the Delegation Fund will be provided after you have been selected to the Delegation. If you do already want to receive more information prior to that, please email