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Organizational Structure

United Netherlands’ Board, consisting of a group of university students, is responsible for the daily execution of United Netherlands’ programs and operations.

United Netherlands’ Board is supervised by the Supervisory Board, and the Board receives formal and informal advice from the United Netherlands Advisory Board.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the realization of the long-term objectives of United Netherlands, the functioning of the board, and the general course of affairs within the organization. Supervision takes place through the inspection of an annual plan and annual report, bimonthly meetings, and regular reporting. The Supervisory Board consists of United Netherlands alumni and non-alumni.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Board by providing formal and informal advice. It consists of former United Netherlands Board members who build on their own experiences to offer guidance, during bimonthlies and via 1-on-1 meetings. In addition, the members of the Advisory Board give workshops to the Board members, on topics ranging from teamwork to creating a safe learning environment.

The Advisory Board 22-23

The Supervisory Board 22-23

Emma van Gruijthuijsen (President)
Martha Jordaan
Dianne Slot
Ruud Walvius
Martijn van Iwaarden

Frank van de Wolde (President)
Christiaan Serbanescu-Kele Apor de Zalán
Thomas Niederkofler
Lieke ‘t Gilde
Robert Lintsen

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